More than ever, hospitals, physicians, clinics and other healthcare providers need immediate access to patient information. There is increasing frustration with the delays in records retrieval, and management inefficiencies.

To ease the burden on physicians and physician groups, Med MT represents a broad range of integrated solutions for clinical documentation and transcription. Our solutions are designed to minimize changes in your workflow, free up personal time, and improve your quality of life.

Med MT transcription is the global transcription service for physicians in hospitals, offices and clinics. Med MT transcription offers the highest quality transcription from highly skilled transcriptionists. Med MT transcription adds value to any size practice by providing a cost effective, high-quality transcription service that is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

In addition to premium service, Med MT transcription offers the amazing power of a multi-million-dollar transcription system without the worries of maintenance or costs. Equipped with only a telephone, a physician can be hardware free and capable of submitting and retrieving dictation at anytime from anywhere in the world.

How Med MT Transcription Works
Dictate via telephone using a toll free number.
Dictate into a digital recorder (available from Med MT) then upload to Med MT transcription by cradling the recorder to a web enabled PC.
Documents are transcribed at one of Med MT's state-of-the-art transcription facilities.
Physicians or administrators can visit by clicking here, in order to view, print or edit the completed documentation from a HIPAA compliant, secured Internet portal. Documents are available online at any time.

The Med MT Transcription Difference
When you use Med MT transcription services from Med MT, you join the leader in providing accurate clinical documentation, with exceptional, reliable turnaround time. Your administrative staff will have the accurate documents they need to expedite back-office procedures while physicians will have accurate, cost-effective documentation of all patient encounters. What's more, our core values center on delivering Med MT Service. We're available when you need us, we listen to your concerns and offer proactive solutions to ensure that your needs are met. We make every effort to exceed your expectations.

  • "Bulk" lines can be pre-purchased at substantial discounts.
  • Completed documentation available via secured web portal
  • Voice file and report storage available
  • Security ensured with 128-bit encryption technology
  • Electronic signature approval capability
  • Vast network of skilled medical transcriptionists
  • Powerful reporting features

  • Timely, cost-effective, quality transcription
  • Dictation and transcription of reports using state-of-the-art technology with no capital investment for the health care facility
  • Quickly add more dictation users in a clinical environment
  • Staff of dedicated Management and Information Systems professionals allow you to be worry-free
  • Effective documentation resulting in improved reimbursement
  • Assurance that your transcription solution is HIPAA compliant

To request a proposal for medical transcription services, please go to the
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