Internet-based, HIPAA-compliant Medical Transcription.

  • Inpatient and outpatient applications
  • Low cost, based on per-line, minutes or other
  • 24/7 turnaround times based on client’s needs
  • Guaranteed accuracy with financial penalties
  • Ability to interface with in-house information systems
  • Stand-alone solution, or
  • Interface with HL-7 EMR
  • Customer service, 24/7

“Narrative transcription is physicians’ preferred way to create patient documents and populate electronic medical records. The Med MT solution allows physicians to keep practicing just the way they like! ”

Med MT’s transcription service uses HL7-compliant technology to answer EMR usability problems and supports the ability to document encounters using familiar narrative dictation. Med MT’s service and technology platform emulates the structure of any industry-compliant ambulatory EMR, so clinicians can dictate both the narrative and structured sections of their documentation with results delivered into their EMR. This functionality significantly reduces the time spent entering data over direct keyboard entry, point-and-click and voice recognition commands to create a more complete and detailed record. It also gives clinicians more time and intimacy for a quality patient encounter.

Med MT now Exclusive Provider of Medical Transcription Services to Millennium Informatics

Med MT has entered into an exclusive relationship with Millennium Informatics to provide medical transcription and electronic documentation solutions to Millennium Informatics clients. Millennium Informatics, is a healthcare information systems (HIS) integration firm that brings together diverse technology applications and service offerings that transform the healthcare system to better deliver patient-centered, value-driven care to the healthcare community.

Millennium Informatics and USA Managed Care Organization (USAMCO) have entered into an exclusive relationship to provide USAMCO provider members with health information technology solutions, including medical transcription services provided by Med MT. With over 400,000 members, USAMCO is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive, privately-held Preferred Provider Organization.

Millennium Informatics helps physicians navigate through the EMR maze and select the right solution for their practice. In addition to EMRs, Millennium Informatics offers USAMCO members a diverse portfolio of HIS solutions, including Electronic Medical Records/practice management systems (PMS), personal health records (PHR), imaging, cardiology, hematology/oncology Revenue Cycle Management and billing and collection.

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